Wednesday, July 24

Possible schedule rearrangement

2:15 PM – So after I couldn’t sleep when I went to bed early last night, I decided to watch a movie. I ended up watching 2 movies. The first one was “God Bless America”. It was about a man in his early 40’s I think, who was sick and tired of the popularity of the reality shows, which he felt were like the Roman times when they were have fights to the death in coliseums right before the empire collapsed. He especially didn’t like American Idol (though in the movie it was called something else) because of the times the show has gotten really bad singers. It really bothered him when the show would use the audition of one particular wannabe contestant who wasn’t all there mentally and make fun of his handicap to give the public something to laugh at. He found out a contestant had attempted suicide and assumed the reason was because he was being ridiculed on television, but as it turned out it was because the show was going to stop showing him on TV. Anyway, this guy and a teenager who also felt like America was going downhill decided that they would just kill (by shooting) anyone who they thought was contributing to the downfall of America. It was actually a pretty good movie. The other movie watched was “Mission Impossible 3” (M.I. III).

The reason I watched 2 movies was because I decided that I would stay up as late as I could and then sleep really late, then I could slowly rearrange my schedule so that I’m up and awake more when it’s dark and cooler. Since I don’t do well physically or psychologically when I’ve over heated, which is easy to do when the outside temperatures are in the high 90’s to low 100’s, I figure “why not go out and do things after the sun goes down instead on during the day when it’s so hot?” Plus my schedule would be more in alignment with my son’s. Then of course today my cooling vest was delivered. The cooling packs are in the freezer as we speak. So now I have to decide if I really want to reverse my schedule. - 3:01 PM


They are not aware said...

I have always been somewhat of a nightowl. Some jobs I had were not on that schedule and I switched to an earlier schedule but it was hard. As soon as I no longer had those day jobs I would naturally switch back to a late schedule without trying. Since your schedule is not confined by a time clock, I would suggest that you go with what feels natural.

Todd said...

Yeah, it's not like I have anything scheduled that I have to be up during the hot part of the day for. Though I must admit that it's been difficult staying up passed midnight.