Wednesday, July 17

Movie and other stuff

My son and I went and saw “Pacific Rim” last night at the IMAX Theater, in 3-D. It was a really good movie; intense from start to finish. Not to spoil it for you, but you should know that the good guys win in the end. Lol. I decided last week that we should do more things together, but I don’t want him to feel obligated. It’s difficult knowing what to do because when I ask him what he’d like to do, he always shrugs his shoulders. I do ask him things like, “You want to go to the park with me”, but his answer is almost always, “Nah.” Not emphatically, just uninterested. But, me being me thinks, “then so be it, I’ll just go by myself”. It’s not like I can run around and play Frisbee, so it’s hard for me to talk him into it. Thinking about it now though, I think I’ll start being more insistent that he go with me. That way he’ll know that I want to do things with him. Which is the reason I asked him if he would go see a movie with me last night. I didn’t have any trouble getting him to go out for ice cream before the movie though. Lol. Actually, last week we were going to go and play some miniature golf, but the place we went has a very small parking lot, which was full, so we just came home. But last week was especially bad for me in the emotional sense, at least in the beginning, in that depression started to consume me, so I just blew off the mini golf attempt. Later in the week, after talking with some good, longtime friends, I managed to get out of that particular depressive mindset. 

Then last Thursday I signed-up for a support group online, and actually went to the meeting. As it turned out, it was good for me to connect to people having similar life issues who just really needed to be around others of like mind. It’s a group ran by a couple who believe that happiness really is a choice, but that you have to train your brain to hold onto it. I want to believe that is all there is to it, but I just never learned how. The plan is to learn how to do that through guided meditation. I met some really cool people whom I’ll be seeing a few of again tomorrow night, plus meeting a few new people. It’s entirely possible that I have made some new friends, which I really, really need.


They are not aware said...

The support group sounds great. Good job and good luck.
And, I agree you need to get E a bit more involved. Unfortunately, I also think you are going to have to practically force him at first but it is going to be good for him and good for you too.

Lee said...

The support group sounds like a great idea. And I think it is great that you get E to do things with you. Also glad for movie tip as I was thinking that would be a good one for me and Rob to see.

Todd said...

I think you'll both enjoy the movie, especially if you like giant robots and stuff :)