Saturday, July 27


I spent almost all day watching episode after episode of a show called "Weeds" that originated on the Showtime network (or whatever it's medium it's called). I'm almost done with season 2. I know there were at least 3 seasons.

I did go to the grocery store. I bought some Dr. Pepper, Cheetos, a can of Pringle-like chips, and some ice cream bars. Before you yell at me for being a bad boy, you should be proud of me for not buying alcohol or cigarettes. I haven't smoked a cigarette in over a month! I'm afraid to drink alcohol because the last time I did I nearly had to visit the emergency room because of what drinking too much 'laxin juice' does to my colon. At least I'm assuming it's the alcohol that does it. It's fine, really, I don't really enjoy drinking alone anyway. If some type of emergency not involving me were to happen, I'm the only one living here who can drive. Yeah, I know, that's what 911 is for. But that shit's so fucking expensive it's not even a little funny. I think it's that expensive to discourage people from calling 911. Either that or "they" think it's somehow empowering people to take care of themselves if at all possible. Perhaps they claim it has to be so expensive to pay for care they give to all the uninsured people? I don't know. Not real sure I even care that much. I'm just sayin!

A pretty exiting rain/thunder storm happened last night/early this morning. If there were a contest, I know that the electricity went out at 11:57 PM last night. It wasn't off for long. It did cause the alarm for this building to go off and ring/buzz very loudly. I kept hoping that it would just stop. That someone would call maintenance to come and turn it off. I know there are at least a couple of apartments in this building, on the bottom floor like we are, that have kids. I kept thinking someone with kids would call. The alarm started a little after midnight. At 2:30 AM it was still going off and I couldn't take it anymore, so I called maintenance. 10-15 minutes later the alarm was turned off. What the fuck people?! WHY WAS I THE ONLY ONE TO CALL? And why the hell doesn't an alarm going off in a building alert SOMEONE/ANYONE to come to the building to find out why the hell it's going off? It's just ridiculous that we have to call someone to turn it off!

Okay. I may go check the mail. The snail-mail that is. Though I guess I don't really need to for any reason other than curiosity or the chance that someone sent some money. Other than that, there's no hurry to get another bill or throw yet some more junk mail away, or find that we got no mail at all.

In a surprising note, my son reset the clocks on the microwave and stove in the kitchen before I got up today at 12:30 PM. I am proud of him!


They are not aware said...

Weeds was recommended to Ron and I. W rented a disc and watched that one; it was alright but not worth renting to watch for either of us, especially me, I just kept wandering and forgetting to watch.
You wonder why *you* had to be the one to call? It is the same reason no one called before, everyone expected someone else to do it. While I agree that someone from management or maintenance should have investigated the alarm, people need to stop assuming someone else will do "it" whatever "it" might be. Not everything is an SEP (somebody else's problem). During the short time where almost everyone had cordless phones but only a hand full had cell phones, our power went out and I had to deal with a Tinker meltdown. While I would normally call, Tink was a handful and I was sure someone else would surely do it. At least that was what Ron always said when I asked him to call (then I would call because he didn't). After about an hour I finally had a chance to call and see what was going on. I was the first caller to report it! As it turned out we were the only ones in the holler that had a corded phone; no one else had had a corded phone (which supplies its own power) when the power went out we had the only working phone. The power was back on in about another hour, could have been sooner but they didn't know. Ron never assumes someone else will call anymore. At least those folks have a reasonable excuse. Sorry bud, you were just lazy, and not lazier than all your neighbors. But the more people that call the sooner it will be noted a priority.
What is the point of an alarm that *everyone* ignores?
Well, the kid shows initiative. That's cool. The small acts are reflective of the self but are usually overlooked because they are, after all, small.

Todd said...

In the future I plan on being the one to call when the alarm goes off. I was the one who called and had it checked and then silenced the last time. I was just curious how long it would take before I had to call. Turns out about 2.5 hours. lol. Anyway, I know it was lazy of me not to call right away and assume someone else would do it, but I don't do that every time.

I did thank Eldin for resetting the clocks, and I got a smile.