Monday, July 22

The happy to be healthy

7/21/2013 10:44 PM (beginning time)

It was a pretty good day. At least I did no physical harm. Notice I didn’t say that I did no harm, because how my actions or inaction affect the cosmic energy, I don’t know. I suppose I could say that I didn’t do any intentional harm. I did try to smash an ant when I was by the hot-tub, but I missed and didn’t think it important enough to chase it down.

Yeah, I did say “hot-tub”, even though the temperature was probably in the 90’s. Ya know what? I really have no idea what the temp was when I went to sit in the tub of hot water this morning. I did something today that I had never done before. What? Oh, the first activity I participated in after my nightly-morning rest was to put on my swim trunks and head to the hot-tub, even before having breakfast or anything more than a drink of water. I’ve wanted to sit in the hot-tub for a few days, but never did, primarily because I don’t like sitting in it alone. But today I thought, “Screw it, I’m going in alone and I don’t care who sees me walking there. Been very self-conscious of what people will think of me when they see me walking. Yes, I have been told straight-up by whomever I’m with that it’s no big deal. Just doesn’t feel like ‘no big deal’ to me though. Or see me sitting alone.” Although I know deep-down I should NOT care what others think, I do think someone may be thinking it‘s just pathetic to always be without a side-kick. Ya know what? I don’t really think anyone would think that, but I kind of feel that way because I am always by myself. That being said, I have had a rise in “happy thoughts” the last few days, Hmm… mayhap this whole “consciously changing negative thoughts into positive ones for increased happiness” stuff is for real. See, in my quest to be not like everyone else, it’s coming to my front conscious that some things that are considered “normal” aren’t so bad after all. Like the theory that all it takes to be happy is to think happy thoughts. Could it really be that simple? I am having trouble really believing that we can change our physical health by using thoughts alone or even primarily. What if it’s your brain that has problems? Say like Multiple Sclerosis which is confirmed by running an imaging scan of the brain, and if lesions (scars) are seen to be in the actual brain matter, you have MS, or something along those lines. Healing my brain by thinking it all better just doesn’t seem likely to me. Again, could it really be that simple? Or am I just going to have health issues the rest of my life? Though my wife and daughter say there have been instances of ‘total remission’ of MS-like symptoms just by changing the diet. I mostly follow the low-carb/low processed food way of eating. Again, it conjures up thoughts like, “just because it’s on the Internet doesn’t make it true”. I just need to meet someone who been lucky enough to basically be healed (remised?), in person, before I become a believer. I don’t know why I can’t have more faith. I do have a brain disorder, so give me break. LOL. Like Mulder said, “I WANT TO BELIEVE”.

Also today, I rode the stationary bike in the exercise room for 15 minutes. I did an aerobics workout via a Wii program. I did some balance exercises, also using the Wii system. Enjoyed a few games of Wii sports with my son. A load of laundry was completely done. Oh yeah, and I cooked breakfast for me, then lunch/supper for me and the young man I like to call my son.

This concludes another session of “Deep thoughts by Todd”. Until next time,

Think Happy!

finished time: 11:59 PM


Lee said...

Keep thinking happy Todd! It sounds all good. :-)

Todd said...

Will do, Lee, thanks for the encouragement. :)

They are not aware said...

Happy thinking does help immensely but there is nothing 100%; some days just don't properly respond to "I'm going to have a good day today." A lot of them do respond well though so keep up the happy thinking.
As far as healing with thought...
I believe wholeheartedly in this this and have since long before we met, online or in real life. The sooner one realizes what is wrong and works to fix it, it is pretty easy. The longer it goes before working to fix it the harder to work on and the more damage already done. Obviously, if it is something like a broken bone, setting it first really is best, and things do take time. I have stopped or shortened most of my own illnesses by mental healing. Once, I stepped in a stick that punctured my foot and a bit broke off. I cleaned the wound but didn't see the bit and the next day I had the red streaks up the back of my leg. This is not the time to depend on mental healing alone. This is the time to get antibiotics and augment them with mental healing. But I guarantee you that if antibiotics were not available, the person that uses mental healing would last longer than a person not using it.
Don't forget that proper diet and other physical attentions are necessary too.
I beat the odds on the type of cancer I had and it was as much my "mental treatments" that kept me alive what the medical establishment was doing. I knew something was wrong in my gut but I didn't know what or specifically where. I believe I still helped keep the tumor in check while I went through a year of stupid medical advice about my digestive issues. When the tumor was finally discovered I could visualize it and where it was located and therefore attack it. I went through the chemo and the radiation to shrink the tumor before surgical removal but the docs all were still surprised at how much the tumor had shrunk. That is why I was able to be hooked back up and am not using a colostomy bag. Mental healing also got me out of the hospital from that surgery in record time. I believe mental healing has kept me alive for the last year and a half instead of dying from malnutrition. That was more "think yourself alive" rather than "think yourself healthy" but it worked anyway.
An illness that affects the brain would only be resistant to it if it affected ones ability to think in a "normal" way, the so-called rational and abstract abilities we use daily.
If you can realize you are hungry, feel the hunger and know it is because you need to eat, then can decide what you want and get that image in your head of that item then you have the ability to help heal yourself.
Now that was the easiest thing to compare it to. My last few years I had a lot of issues with never being hungry but I knew that in itself was part of the issue and you sometimes have lack of hunger issues too but the parable should not be the focus, the point should be.

Todd said...

So you believe that if I just think correctly, that I should be able to send my symtoms into remission.

Renee' was always saying, "You don't need the MS anymore, so just let it go", but I have a hard time believing it can be thought away. *shrug* That being said, I do try to think myself better, not sure if it does anything since I have that dreaded doubt to deal with too.