Tuesday, December 17

Moving and the lost drivers license

          Don't really have much to say, so I'll understand if you stop reading here. My life, since the last time I wrote has only changed a little. Mostly, I've been to Burnet and priced an apartment and asked them to send me an application. Actually, had to print 2 copies because they want one for each adult that'll be living in the apartment. Because my son *just* turned 18 in September of this year, had to have him sign one for himself, which I personally think is silly because he has absolutely no credit history.  As "they" say, "Rules are rules." Unfortunately, after we got both applications filled out and signed, I ran out of money. I need $10 for *each* application, which I don't have. I was hoping to have it last week or early this week. So far I haven't received the help I've been waiting on. Hopefully it'll come in the snail-mail tomorrow.    
          He hasn't worked for anyone and doesn't have a job now. For those of you wondering why he hasn't been looking for work since his portion of the SSDI stopped in September, it's because I've decided that he can wait until we get moved 50 miles away. Then I'll insist on his putting in apps many places. I'll have to go with him because he's never had to do it before, and he'll need the motivation.
          I also have a lead on a possible house rental, that is if he has anything after the first of January. If he doesn't, I don't know what I'll do (call around I suppose). I talked to my current apartment people today and asked what would happen if I didn't have a place lined up and the move-out date came. She said we could either just start a month-to-month option, which would be at least a couple of hundred more $$ per month than I'm currently paying, or we could sign another 12 month lease, in which case the rent would only go up 100 dollars per month higher than the current.
          All we've been able to afford for groceries is pasta, a few pounds of hamburger, and tomato sauce to mix together has a kind of home made hamburger helper for my son and I. Which hasn't been bad. It is food after all. We do have some rice, which I'm thinking of making tonight. Or I could mix it in with the hamburger and pasta so it'd last a couple of days. There's also a chicken pot pie which he could also have. I'll bet he'd rather, actually he just confirmed that. So anyway, should have help/grocery money any day now. *crossing fingers and everything else*
          Oh yeah, and a few days ago I realized that my driver's license had gone missing when I needed it at the the bank. Needed to make copies to send with said apps, and that caused the panic to start. Then remembered that I had a current passport that I could use for ID until I got a replacement DL. Went this afternoon to have another DL mailed to me in a couple of weeks. Needed to make some copies of something that was in my briefcase after I got home, and found my DL (ironically, it was where I got my passport out of). I could've used the $20 that I borrowed for a new DL, for the application fees. *sigh*

That's all I've got for now. I'm sure you don't want to know that I've been stressing (also trying not to) about moving in a months time. Once I get a place secured, I should start feeling better.


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They are not aware said...

I always find missing things after replacing them. I only replace absolute necessities because of that but a driver's license kind of qualifies as a necessity.