Monday, December 3

Proof of homeschooling in Texas

I got a letter from the SSA today saying that as of Dec. 2012 they would no longer pay my 17 year old home schooled teenager his part of my SSDI because "he's not attending a school with an accredited curriculum" and I have to show proof of his homeschool "accredited" curriculum. In Texas you don't HAVE to prove it, according to homeschool law. Here's a couple of links where I got my information.

If you have trouble claiming benefits from state or federal agencies because of your home school status, you may call the THSC Association at (806) 744-4441.


I'll be taking printouts with those URLS to the SSA Department tomorrow, if I need to after I talk to the local office. I only talked to the federal SSA on the phone this afternoon.


They are not aware said...

Well isn't that an interesting development?
Where the hell did that come from out of the blue like that?
If you think of anything I can do in this situation, let me know. I can't think of anything I can do but...
Might it be that they think he doesn't exist because he doesn't go to public school? It used to eb a birth cert. and a SS card was all that was needed.
Did you call that number?

Todd said...

Haven't called yet. Later today for sure.

And I have NO IDEA why this is happening suddenly out of the blue. Mot TOO worried yet.

They are not aware said...

I am bugging you.
What happened today?

Todd said...

Haven't been able to talk to anyone at the Austin SSA yet (I hung up after 20 minutes on hold). I did call and get a callback from TEXAS HOME SCHOOL COALITION and they're going to send me a form to fill out and take with me. I'm still waiting for that email. The phone lady said it's pretty common for SSA agents not to know homeschool laws, and that the SSA actually has something pertaining to just this situation. I am confident it will all work out in the end, else it won't be the end. lol

Todd said...

I went to the Austin SSA this morning and got it taken care of. Whew! *wiping forehead*


They are not aware said...