Friday, November 2


Breakfast of champions, if I were one. LOL. Today: Small bag of Doritos, 12.5 ounce bottle of Coke and a Snickers bar.Yum. Bring on the day! :)


They are not aware said...

Yuck! All the way around, yuck.

Todd said...

I know, and I'm nothing but tired. Which is why we bought frozen pizzas for lunch. Though not much better for me, it's a little more nutritional.

They are not aware said...

Well the peanuts in the Snickers have redeeming value. However, I meant "yuck" as in I can't stand Doritos or Snickers, it does not strike me as edible, and Coke is barely passable as something to drink. I do Pepsi when I do cola but cola in general has tasted bad to me all year.
I have to admit that I too have done frozen pizza; it is recognizable as food. I usually dress them up a bit though.