Tuesday, July 31

New class and eye twitch

I started a new class this week (Web Database Applications) with the same instructor as I had for my last one that ended Sunday night at 11:59 PM (EST). I did turn in my last assignment on Sunday evening, but here it is Tuesday and I *still* don't know what grade I got on it. As of Sunday I was getting an "A" for the class, although I *know* I didn't do that last assignment perfectly, the eventual grade shouldn't affect my overall grade very much.

Had to call the school this morning because as far as I could tell the online textbook was unavailable. However, while waiting on hold for the person helping me to ask his supervisor why I wasn't seeing my textbook, I clicked some buttons because I was bored, and found the book after choosing another selection in a drop-down menu. That was something I had never had to do, and also something the student-assistant had never heard of being necessary. I have read the 2 required chapters assigned to be read this week now though.

Because had I tried unsuccessfully to call the school's helpline using Gmail & Google-voice and couldn't get my microphone to work, I ended-up moving my CPU and all those damn wires to the top of my desk so that if I need to check the connections again, the wires will be much more accessible. Then I ran a troubleshooting program to find out why my microphone wasn't working, and got it working. But of course I spent a couple of hours trying to fix the problem on my own before running the troubleshoot. *sigh*

My daughter and I went and played 5 games of free pool last night and had a great time. I won 3 out of the 5 (she won the last 2).

Lastly, I don't know if I'm stressing subconsciously or if I'm having a small MS exacerbation, but for the last 3 days my right eye has been either twitching a lot or feeling like it's twitching but isn't.

That's all I've got. Now I need to go separate that 10 pound hamburger chub into quarter ounce pound patties. I'm thinking that I could just separate it into 3rd of a ounce pound patties since the primary use of the separated beef is used for 3 burgers at a time each morning/early afternoon for breakfast. It's a conundrum.



They are not aware said...

A third ounce burger is barely any burger at all, let alone a quarter ounce--I think you meant pound.
What is a chub?

You know, the instructor has more assignments to grade than just the one you turned in.It takes time to grade too.

Todd said...

A chub is one of those long tubes of hamburger wrapped in plastic.

I was the ONLY student in his class.

He's got 72 hours though, according to the school rules.

Todd said...

Yes, I meant a third of a pound.

They are not aware said...

That is what a chub is, huh? interesting.
Well, you might have been the only one in the class but he apparently has more than one class he instructs.

Todd said...

I got my grade today. Usually there's some comment like, "Good job" or something similar; but this time there was absolutely nothing. I know it's not a big deal, really, just very out of character. Thinking back; for the last 13 months there has ALWAYS been a comment from every teacher on every assignment, but not this time. Hmm... Just weird :)

They are not aware said...

Maybe he was having a bad week. Who knows?
Oh, and I forgot to mention earlier... That eye twitch is probably not MS. It happens to me all the time and is usually caused by tiredness, whether I *feel* tired or not, once I get a good sleep it goes away. I have had it once for a month and a half; usually it only lasts a couple days though.

Todd said...

I'm pretty sure the eye twitch is from tiredness. I've slept pretty well the last couple of nights, so hopefully my eye will feel better soon.