Friday, July 20

The Emma Long Metropolitan Park

Last Wednesday the kids and I met at this park by the river with other homeschoolers. It was beautiful. Except for the ants, it would be a great place to camp some day. And the ants might not be a bad further away from the water, don't know for sure though. If we had a tent with a sealed bottom, they probably wouldn't bother us. Anyway, these are pictures I took while we were there. I put the description of each picture directly on the picture. Enjoy! The pictures *should* enlarge if you click them.



They are not aware said...

I have what is considered high-speed internet around here but it is not worth the time it takes to click on a picture to let it load large so I can read the captions. Now, the extra ten minutes it takes just to load each individual picture (that does not count the reading and looking ...) might be nothing if it were winter and not so hot--hard to tell--it is hot even this late. I am not positive the guy got my fan going right. My poor 'puter is hot.
I hope you had a good time even if I didn't read the captions.

Todd said...

I tried to make the file size for each picture small enough (30 kb each) so that even slower/not so high speed connections could still see them. The caption weren't all that important anyway. But yes, we had a good time.

Hope you get your computer *really* fixed soon.