Thursday, July 5

Days like today

are why I get so freaking tired. Got up at 9:45-10 AM. Made breakfast around 10:30, then read email and worked on some exercises out of a chapter of my text book. That was between 11-ish a 1:45. Had a doctor appointment at 2:30, got there at 2:25. Taken to the room the doctor saw me in around 3:20. The doctor joined me in that room around 4:00. Talked with the doctor until about 4:15. He needed to write me a prescription for LDN that he knew nothing about, which is a controlled substance and for some reason I'm still not sure of, he wanted to do drug tests (blood draw to check my kidneys, urine test for whatever [pot and/or heroine??] since the LDN's primary use (50 mg and up) was to help heroine (?) addicts kick their habits), but I only take *3* micrograms for my MS). The tests didn't happen until 4:40, at which point I hadn't drank or eaten anything since 10:30 AM and had peed a couple of times before going to the doctor anyway. Needless to say, giving a urine sample was almost impossible, but I managed. Finally got out of the doctor clinic about 5. Came home, relaxed for 25 minutes and then my DD and I went to get different prescription picked up. After that (15 minutes) we went and had lunch. Then to Wal-Mart to get the least expensive 18 speed we could find for the DD ($92 after tax). And now we're home, but I still need to make DS supper and do more homework. It's almost 7:30. -SIGH

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They are not aware said...

I learned to nap at the docs office when they take so long--it used to be one of the only placed I could nap.

How's the weather been down there? We have been HOT. Hot enough to crush the energy right out of you. Funny though, our humidity has been very low, almost reaching the single digits--man, this is the Ozarks! I am used to breathing some of my water not just drinking it.

Todd said...

Oddly, the weather hear has been only in the high 80's or low 90's. The humidity? I don't know, most days in the 30-40% range. No rain for a while.

They are not aware said...

I wish our humidity had been that high. No rain here for quite some time. We have it in forecast finally and there are a few folks getting it today. Our temps are going to drop tomorrow. YES!