Wednesday, March 6


Just a little bit ago, I rode an exercise bike for 32 minutes. Unfortunately the pictures I thought that I posted to  Facebook didn't show-up there. Also unfortunately, I deleted the pictures I took but apparently didn't send, so I can't re post them from my computer. I have decided though, while peddling, that it's (exercise bike riding) going to be an every day thing to hopefully boost my spirits, not to mention raising my adrenaline level.


They are not aware said...

How's it going?
Did you bike yesterday and today?
It is not exactly a "passion" but it is a good idea methinks.

Todd said...

Just that one day so far. Seems I'm *always* busy doing something else (usually running errands). Will more than likely do it again today, once I eat for the 2nd time today (11:30-ish AM was the 1st time. It's now 6:45 PM -sigh).