Saturday, March 2

The most interesting thing on the web...

Okay, NOT, but made ya look. LOL
           It’s interesting for me to be a visual person in that I like fancy fonts. There is the part of me though who is aware of problems reading some fonts depending on your eyesight. So the thought, “I like this font, but it’s not just about what is pleasing to my eyes, but to others it must be at least a little pleasant to look at.
          So anyway, it was a fairly non stressful day. So much so, that I’ve been a little sleepy for over an hour now. Why is it that I feel that I “should” be out there painting the town red, but I’m just as happy (most of the time) just hanging out with the kid(s) at home?


Lee said...

I wonder if you don't really "want" to paint the town red, but just at some level feel like you SHOULD want to paint the town red. Does that make sense? Enjoy what feels right for you and if that is time at home w/ the kids, so be it. That makes total sense to me!

Todd said...

I think I would just like to be able to say to someone, "Hey, let's go out and have some fun", that it would be nice to have that someone. Bottom line is that I feel boring.