Monday, March 4

Fleas and a movie

            I got up off of the sofa I was sitting on watching a movie - Ghost Rider on FX - and found that my mood had lifted from "blah" to "just do something", so I did. I hung up the towels from the dryer, rubbed some 3 & 1 antibiotic ointment on the cat's sores that she's given herself because of fleas she's been scratching at that I haven't been able to get off of her. I don't have the money to take her to the vet for medicine, so tomorrow I gently give her a bath with anti-flea shampoo, then vacuum everything in the house... again. Wish me luck. I've not had the energy to bathe her today. Hopefully tomorrow I will.

Back to the movie.

Oh yeah, and I cleaned 2 litter boxes. Yay me.


They are not aware said...

I hate fleas. Don't forget the borax. I do not know if you remember the original instructions given on how to treat the rugs with it but I found it works much better if I:

1. Heavily sprinkle borax onto carpet and work in a bit.
2. Work into carpet with broom or dragging foot back and forth across (much easier with broom); don't forget corners and edges.
3. Let sit in/on carpet for an hour or two.
4. Vacuum well.
5. Lightly sprinkle carpet with borax and work it into carpet and leave until next normal vacuuming.
6. Perpetually repeat #5.

This has worked very well for years at keeping the house fleas in control year 'round.

They are not aware said...

PS. Heavily does not mean coat the carpet so one can no longer see it.
Lightly means a bit more than salting.

Todd said...

Thanks. Yeah, I remember the Borax treatment. I'll do that tomorrow. We did the same thing several months ago with D.E. Since then (a couple of weeks ago) the carpet was cleaned (sprayed with steam and vacuumed, but not scrubbed). It didn't do much in my opinion. Anyway, I'll do the Borax. Thanks for the reminder.