Monday, March 4

Sleeping life away

          Went to bed at midnight last nite/this morning. Got back from taking DD to work at 4 a.m. Went to bed again a little after 4 a.m and didn't get out of bed again until 2 this afternoon when DD sent me a text message. Such is life.

          Called a prescription to help me with fatigue in to the pharmacy last Wednesday. Didn't have any refills left on it, but figured there would be enough time for the doctor to give me a refill before her workweek ended. Called said doctor this afternoon only to be told that she "discontinued" me on it until I see her this Friday. That's when I'm going to ask her why she won't give me refills on a medicine that I've been taking for 4 years before she became my doctor. She called in a refill last month, and the month before that, but added zero refills each time. :-( I saw her last month thinking this would be dealt with... apparently not :-(


They are not aware said...

I am at a loss as to why doctors do anything anymore.
I don't think most become doctors because they want to be doctors anymore, I think it is money that attracts them. Yeah, I think that.
I have slept most of the past couple days. I haven't felt well though so...that's my excuse. I really didn't need one but I always have felt guilty about napping.

Todd said...

Sorry you haven't been feeling well. I've felt okay for the most part, just basically don't give a fuck anymore. Hopefully this is just a phase though. (x'ing fingers)