Sunday, June 2

Writing with technology

You know, I'm in a kind of geeky mood. I thought I would just write a text. But not really write. Because what is one writing really? It's basically just putting thoughts to paper. But instead we talk to our phones & and it gets written on line on what looks like a blank sheet of paper. This saves you the trouble of having your writing hand get In the other hand, one could say I'm using this technology just to be lazy. I really don't think so. I don't really see it that way though. I see it more as giving my various muscle group some rest. I use. them for many other things as well. this blog entry has been brought to you by via a cell phone

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Lee said...

I think it is creative. I am thinking I need to figure out how to voice activate my texting on my phone as I am so bad at typing on a phone. Yesterday I asked my wife to pick up 2 packs of markers but it went to her as 2 parks of markets. Sheesh!

Todd said...

Lol. Lee. Sometimes I forget yo proofread/spellcheck my talkung. Because sometimes it seems my phone doesn't hear me correctly either. Lol

They are not aware said...

Will it let me post it this time???

Hmmm. Are you saying the computer keyboard is not technology just because you are speaking into a transcriber? I wonder how the stone carver felt about clay tablets and a wedged reed? Or, how about a quill pen? A ball-point pen? Isn't it really all technology?

==Your reply:

I guess you're right about it all being technology. I was just thinking that 'speaking' into to the phone, then the phone actually turning that into text as not really 'writing' in my blog. It doesn't really matter as long as there is an actual blog post. Eh?

Todd, who actually used the keyboard technology this time.

Todd said...

You are correct. They keyboard is technology.