Sunday, November 9

Just another day like all the rest

So Got access to the computer so that I could get on myMSteam, read a few posts, and maybe update people as to what kind of day I’m having or had. Unfortunately, we don’t have an Internet connection at the moment, so it’s a good time to write in my journal. It may even turn into a blog post. And looky there, we now have a connection, which means that I can go to the aforementioned site or any other site I so choose. I might as well tell you that it has been an uneventful day. Just watched a few movies on the ‘Escape’ channel, which is 62.4 here. Also flipped to channel 15.1 every so often (on commercials). The CW, here. We usually get a few other channels, but today they weren’t coming in for some reason. It’s really no big deal as 2 of them are Spanish channels, one is a military channel, one is a PBS channel, and one is the Create channel. I don’t watch any of those very often, so it’s possible that I have forgotten one. Plus if there’s nothing that I feel like watching I do have several books that are ready to be read.
          Ok, it’s going to be a few minutes before I can post this to my blog, as I have lost the connection. Damnit! I have copied the previous paragraph and was ready to save it when I noticed the connection had been lost. It’s back now though so I better get this copied and pasted into my blog.


They are not aware said...

Why is your internet so sketchy right now? Do you know? We have bouts of funky connection that usually coincided with them having recently graded the road -- meaning they scraped open the lines and they haven't fixed them yet. I don't think that would apply to in town living.

Todd said...

I do not know. I have a feeling that one reason may be because the computer is used to read a website(s) for hours on end that our data is being limited by our ISP (Cricket) at times. That would explain the extreme slowness on my phone anyway. I don't know why the connection gets lost altogether though.