Friday, January 20


This woman was the absolute best thing in my otherwise ordinary life. She made it fun, exciting and beautiful, just like her. I will never forget her. We will meet again one day! Count on it!


Tracy said...

Beautiful tribute.

Gladgrower said...

Beautiful, our Todd. What great good fortune you two linked up, and lived in love together! Your kids are a fine legacy...and i see you both so well there!

We will meet up with our beloveds again :)

May your heart heal, and please, we all hope you do not go with tooo sooon! Your life has such great value as an individual that we all care for! Keep on, keeping on, Friend.
Healing will come, and we are thankful all of you are our friends. Lean on us as you all heal. It is still a great life for all of us left behind. New adventures ahead with your angel in the lead.
Love and Light to you, a great husband. TAKE CARE OF are more precious than ever now.
Love, Toni

Todd said...

Thank you, Tracy and Gladgrower (I know who you are. he he he) for your kind words. They mean so much to me!

Caz said...

Lovely Todd.. my heart goes out to you & your little family right now.

Rain... fly free as you head off on the next great adventure!