Friday, January 27

Settling in

Despite everything that's happened since Dec. 21, 2011, we seem to be pretty much settled in to our new place/city/whatever. All the services (food stamps, Medicaid, Chip for the 16 year old) that we can apply for have been applied for.

Now we just need to find out what there is to do around here, during the daylight hours, that's either free or very inexpensive, and teenager friendly. We went to the LBJ library last week and checked out the exact replica of the Whitehouse. I thought it was alright, 16 year old son seemed pretty bored. Can't *really* say I don't understand. I've never been all that interested in things political either. I just thought it was something to do, and it was. We've been to a couple of parks. One where the kids could use their roller-blades. One with a gazebo at the end of a short walkway that looks over the large pool in the middle of the "river". I put that in quotes because that place looks more like a lake to me, but according to my researcher daughter, it's actually just a wide spot in the river. Shrug.

We now have Texas license plates on the car. Yippee! lol. All we have to do "officially" now is... I have to get a TX driver's license. 19 y.o DD wants to get a TX i.d. Does anyone from Texas, or someone who lives here, know if someone who needs bifocals but only has reading glasses, can take the eye exam at the license bureau wearing the reading glasses? Any input will be greatly appreciated.

School. Current grade percentage in Web Scripting = 98%. Percentage in Rhetoric In Contemporary Culture = 98%.

Later, y'all!

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Alyx said...

Hey Todders. Sounds like y'all are doing what you can. I'm not real political either, but at least the museum was something to do, right? *HUGS*

Todd said...

Yep, it was something to do :-) We've spotted a couple more parks since then. Just need to check em out.