Thursday, January 19

Renee' has passed away :-(

Just came from the hospice where Rain (Renee') was moved to yesterday from the hospital. She appeared to be a lot more comfortable there, they even had several pillows under her for added comfort. The words from the hospice nurses is that she will most likely pass away there. At least she's more relaxed now.

In fact she's even more relaxed than ever. Renee' passed away peacefully at 3:35 pm on January 19,2012

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Caz said...

I'm incredibly sorry to hear of your loss Todd :( wish I had something consoling and helpful to say.. but I don't.. it just sucks :(

Anonymous said...

Todd & kids
Words cannot even explain our deep love for you & your family. We are praying for God's divine deep caring arms of comfort to surround you right now. We love you. Rain was a very sweet homeschool mom and I'll always remember when I met her at Buffalo EduFair.
Pamela & kids

Todd said...

Thank you both!

Lee said...

I'm so sorry your you and Angelica and Eldin. I am glad Rain is at peace and that she was comfortable at the end. Sending lots of love from our house to yours.

Todd said...

Thanks, Lee.

Lynn Y said...

Todd, Angelica & Eldin,
I am so sorry for your loss.
Lynn Y

Todd said...

Lee and Lynn, thank you for the energies and prayers. *hugs*