Wednesday, January 4

Our Austin

Was getting ready to run some errands and saw this desk by the apartment' dumpster.

Front of desk

Back of desk

Side and top

This is me sitting in a chair behind the desk

A living room chair being used as a desk chair.


This is a used sofa that my big sister bought for the kids and I.

Sofa my sister bought for our apartment before she leaves.


A chair my sister also bought for our apartment.

A chair sis bought for us


A TV that I bought, sitting on a table that my big sister bought


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Anonymous said...

Nice desk! What a great find! I'm so happy you are getting settled in.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think you need a different chair for that desk. That is a great find.
They are not aware

Bubblie Hope said...

Nice!!! Did you get lamps, yet?

Todd said...

It was a good find, though it took all 4 of us (A, E, my sis, and I) about 15 minutes moving it 5 feet at a time (for 100 yards), to get it back to the apartment.

@Anonymous: We bought a desk chair today for 7 dollars.

@Bubblie: We have gotten one lamp so far. Really just need one more, and they're pretty cheap at the Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Lee said...

Great Finds!

imagine116 said...

That desk is an awesome find!

Todd said...

@Lee & Imagine: It was indeed an awesome and very timely find :)