Saturday, August 8

Social life, shmocial life

Never really considered myself very sociable, but since we discovered The Internet Highway, I've really opened up. Email was the thing for a long, long time for me, now I'm 'talking' with lots of friends on that social network at the rest stop we like to call Facebook. I actually started on Twitter, then FB, then both, now FB only because they (you know who you are. lol) weren't coming to Twitter with me fast enough. Never could get into the whole hubba-bubba of MySpace. Anyway, fewer and fewer on-line friends send me email, except for the few that aren't on Facebook for whatever reason they've find plausible. Yet I get enough email to check frequently for because I'm just OCD enough that I won't purposely NOT check email frequently. LOL

Also, I was posting a blog AND emailing (mostly on e-groups) a L0T more till now. So if you're following my blog you should know that I update the things happening today via FB. Most of my friends and family are on FB, so I don't really feel the need to write an entire page in my blog saying what everyone already knows... very often anyway. Ya know?

Pool is going to die for this season in what is usually Missouri's and the mid west's hottest month. I'm just frustrated that it seems like there is ALWAYS something needing replaced or worked on and the kids don't even swim very often anyway, so they won't really miss it's refreshing water much. BUT if they and/or their friends want to 'work' on it they're more than welcome to do so. Otherwise it's our most current "freshwater pond". *snicker* Next year it'll need a new sand filter and pool-bed lining due to a slow but steady leak turning the ground behind the pool into a swamp slash grassed-over mud pit.


Lee said...

I've always thought you were pretty social! (grin)

Rambleman said...

What can I say, I've been known to be sociable at times :-)