Sunday, July 17

Surprise! Don't have a heart attack, just writing

Normally when I write a blog-post I use my blog-writer program. Although I can also do it this way using my email program , I don't if I have a picture (or several) to go with the 'story'. This time, I don't, hence the email usage. Oh, I'm sure I could find a picture to go with this, but I don't want to. lol.

Anyway, my daughter posted to her blog yesterday, something she rarely does. I also have a FB friend who writes in her blog regularly which I enjoy reading. Basically, they have made me think about my infrequent blogging. I must admit though, in my personal opinion my prose aren't all that interesting. I know, I know, I really need to grow some self-esteem in that regard and/or stop putting my writing down. The reason I stopped writing to/in my blog regularly is because I used to, according to my wife, post only when I was angry/annoyed with something. I've been working really hard to be more positive in the way I think about life - stopped following politics was a huge help - FYI. I've also decided to not be a whiny person, to just take things in stride, see the silver lining if you will. So anyway (love that word. lol) I also don't want to come across as one of "those" people who are annoyingly optimistic whom never gets annoyed with anything. Here I am. See me Type! LOL. Another reason that I stopped writing blogs regularly is because of Facebook . Since I don't have much drama in my life (intentionally), and really don't do much that others would consider "exciting/adventurous", I figured just short blurbs to FB would be enough, and probably still is. Today I just got a bug (literally and figuratively). In the literal way it is that I found and disposed of a noisy cricket ( green bug ) that's been bugging me for two days now. The cats don't seem bothered at all, which in and of itself is baffling. I think there is another one though. I heard it a while ago, but weirdly, it's being quiet except for the occasional 'chirping' or whatever it's called. Now that I mention it, of course I haven't heard it again. sigh.

In case you didn't know, I have started going to college online, which will eventually turn into an Associates Degree in Web Design Technology . I have been asked why, after being on Social Security Disability-only income since 1998. The reason is two-fold really, maybe more. lol. 1. I'm only 46 years of age, which means theoretically my official retirement, according to the gov., is not for about 20 more years. Although I'm perfectly okay with the lifestyle (poor) we've been living, I think there's no reason we have to live in poordom (invented word) forever. Plus, one of my 'children' (used loosely because she's almost 19) is no longer being officially home-schooled, and my son (almost 16) is very smart (dare I say 'genius' in a non biased way? lol) and self-efficient about with his education. That means I have time to do my college work when I need to without worrying that I'm neglecting my family. Besides, it only takes so long to do house chores like laundry, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning and dish washing. LOL. I'm 5 weeks into the quarter at ITT-Tech University (online) and doing well (on 1 assignment I got a 99%, the rest have been 100%). The 2 courses I'm doing right now are 'prerequisites' I believe. One is "Problem Solving Theory" and the other is "Strategies for The Technical Professional". The 2nd one is only a 6 week course, so next week is the final week of that one. A week later I will be starting the course "Introduction to Web Design", which I'm very excited to get going! I've even read the first chapter of the textbook in it's entirety for the class. That's something I never did in high school. What the hell has happened to me? LOL . As much as I literally hate commercials on television, one of the ads that I saw for ITT-TECH got me. Sigh. It was the one with the older gentleman who said that he decided he was ready for a career change so started an education at ITT-TECH. That's when I thought, "Why not, what have I got lose? Nothing! ", and here I am, a college student again after a 9 year hiatus.

Earlier I mentioned "laundry", and I do need/want to get a load going into the washing machine. My wife ended-up starting it, and didn't look happy about it. Eek! That and there are a lot of misspelled words with red squiggly lines under them (above) that need fixed. Let me tell ya, it was really hard not to correct them when they happened. I heard that it's better to continue writing even though you know there are mistakes, so that you don't get side-tracked and stop writing. So you don't lose that 'creative vibe' before the end. Did it work? :)


Lee said...

loved seeing your post and am glad you are enjoying your schooling. It sounds really cool!

Todd said...

Thank you, Lee. I don't know how often I'll blog, but more than I have been anyway. :-P

Nekohime92 said...

Good blog, love that you are enjoying school. <3 And not correcting till the end does seem to work very well. :) love you. <3

Todd said...

Thank YOU. Yeah, I really am enjoying school. I think mostly because it was *my* choice. Love you too! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Yep it worked! you just get it out of your head and onto the paper. Once that's done you can go and fix it all you want (technical term there is editing) and even change it up if you like. That's the part of writing i like. Just open up and put it on the page. then go to work and fix it. Sometimes i even completely rewrite it! hope i'm back to writing again soon. Judi

Todd said...

Dear Anonymous:

Thanks for saying that 'it' worked. Even now I see errors in grammar and misspelling that could be fixed. Haven't decided if I should fix them things or not. Pro: The whole could end up being a really good and technically written article. Con: What would that gain me? Anyway, once again - Thank you. I'm sure that you're writing will come back when the time is right. Just brainstorm some ideas about what to write, then write a draft. You Can Do It! :-)