Monday, February 13

Monday the 13th

Drove to the Barton Creek Mall about 15 miles from here. For us, that's really close. Then again, we came from somewhere that 15 miles is a "short trip" to the grocery store for snacks. :-) An actually city was an hour away. Now, that's too far.

After we got home we went to the front office of the apartment complex for a couple of cups of Choco-Coffee (coffee & hot chocolate combined. Delish!), and cookies. Angelica had hot chocolate and cookies. While there we talked to a neighbor who lives upstairs, for a while. From there we walked to the gas station and got a few bottle of soda and came home.

Came back to the apartment, checked email, tried to wake the boy who stayed up all nite to ask if he was going to workout with his sister and I (he didn't) because today was workout day. We, as a family, go and walk on the treadmills, do the exercise bikes, and lift a few weights on the weight machines (the ones you put a pin in under the amount of weight you want to lift).

I wasn't going to take a shower today because I hadn't been sweaty enough to make it necessary, but now I'm going to have a shower. Then I'll make supper (yes, I'm now a cook!), watch TV, do a little reading for my classwork, then go to bed. Speaking of bed, I went to bed last night at 10:30 PM (usual bedtime is midnite-ish) and stayed in bed until 10:30 this morning. I don't why, other than I was feeling a little melancholy (not really depressed, just a little down & thinking about missing Rain/Renee') when I went to bed last night.

Ta ta for now!

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Anonymous said...

a trip to the mall...DD following up on some apps? or filling out new ones? cant get a job by just filling out online apps noone gets hired like that no matter that they tell you to fill one out online its a joke need to call or stop by to get hired. to much compitition. my mom does hirering for some of the whataburgers

Todd said...

No follow-ups. She has only applied online and is *really* avoiding going in to talk to anyone in person.

Anonymous said...

cant get a job thataway
honey wheel

Todd said...

She knows, as we've talked about it today and before. She's going to call some places and then I'll go in with her to others.