Saturday, May 12

Breakfast and what to do

For breakfast we had the usual (1 hamburger & 2 slices of bacon each) oven cooked sustenance. Then I refilled my weekly medicine holder into the "AM" and "PM" dosages for the remainder of this week and most of the next. After Angelica finished eating, she poured the bacon grease from the cooking sheet into the bacon grease jar. She also washed and seasoned the iron skillet that the hamburgers were cooked in the oven in. She's awesome!
After breakfast we all headed back to our computers. Not long after that, after the food digested a little, for like 20-30 minutes (if that), all 3 of us walked over to the front office/snack bar. The kids each got cookies while I went into (and used. Lol) the restroom. After I came out (yes, I washed my hands :) I picked up the cup I had brought from the apartment and filled it with a mixture of chocolate latte and coffee, grabbed a few cookies for myself, and we headed back here to the apartment. I munched my cookies (chocolate M&M :) and drank my Chocó-latte coffee and started this journal entry.
But before I started writing… I started a load of laundry, washed off and put away the foil-covered cookie sheet that the bacon cooked on, and THEN I started writing.
Yesterday we went to the mall, and even went into a couple of stores. lol. And we found a movie theater! Not really sure what we're going to do today. We might go and play Frisbee at the park. There's a probable chance of rain today, but we may sit in the hot tub later, as long as there's not lightening/thunder. If it doesn't rain and the sun comes out for a while, maybe we'll go swimming AND sit in the hot tub. Nobody knows for sure what will actually happen the rest of the day, now do they. No, they do now. Speaking of hot-tubbing… we sat in it last night and enjoyed the bubbles. "Bubbles in a hot tub?", you ask? Yes, we are pretty sure someone had put some bubble bath in it before we got there. I swear the bubbles were at least a foot and a half to two feet thick before we moved them out onto the edge. If we would have had a good camera with us, the picture would've looked like there were piles of snow around the hot tub. LOL. Anyway, time to continue doing laundry.



Anonymous said...

Bubbles in the hotub....LOL! I completely pictured that in my head:) Needed that laugh today!

Todd said...

I like helping people laugh. Thanks for stopping by, A.