Monday, May 6

Phone blog

I had a pretty good day today. uh took one of the girls to a dentist at 9 o'clock. went to McDonalds twice today, and didn't have to pay for either one. I was pleasantly surprised. thank you girls, uh, I mean ladies. :-) its 1120 already and I don't have to worry about getting up at 3:30 a.m. lol. its been awhile since I've had an actual morning off. it's awesome! thank you universe for letting this happen. O:-)

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They are not aware said...

Gee, McDonald's twice in one day...
I consider myself fortunate if I don't have to eat there twice in a decade.
It is cool the young women hosted.

Todd said...

Mickies isn't for everyone I guess.:)

They are not aware said...

That's true.
I remember as a child I *wanted* to like it, everyone else sure seemed to, but I just never could stomach the stuff they call food. My feelings about it got worse as I got older and found out more about them and their so called food.