Monday, December 8

A Monday in December

Once again I know that it has been quite a while since I wrote a post, also knowing that I said I would do it more frequently than I had been. I suppose one could say that this being done only 2 and a half weeks since the last time is more often than in the past. Actually thought it had been longer.

In the last one I mentioned that I had sent in the application to the hospice place to become a volunteer. I did get an email stating that they had received it and would be contacting me to set-up the time for doing a little training before I do whatever (most likely visiting with those who don’t get visitors or are unable to go out to visit). Anyway, that was the last communication from them that I’ve had. That was last week. I swear I thought it had been longer than that. Does that mean time is going by slower than thought? I need to get some volunteering happening cause of two things I’ve noticed just in this writing. 1) That there’s a lot of the use of the word “I” and 2) that time is seemingly going by slow.

Today I went to an exercise class. O.K, that’s significant because I only went to one class, last Monday, since only going to 1 class the week before. The week before there was only one because it was Thanksgiving week, but last week there were 3 that could’ve been attended. The reason for not going as often as I should could be a sign that the new anti-depressant I started last month aren’t working well or need to be increased again. A conversation will be had with my doctor during the appointment this Wednesday. One thing that I’ve been doing to try and combat the down feeling that’s been, is that for the last 4 days I’ve been taking a daily morning shower (as opposed to the every other day I had been showering, [sometimes longer]). On the way home from class today I wanted to do something other than come home and watch television like usual. 
(taken at the 1st park I visited)
So, what I did was stop by the grocery store and spend 50 cents on a soda, I then decided that I would go to the park. Not the one that is usually visited by me, but another one. Why? Because I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while, finally did. I even took a couple of pictures. Then I went to ‘the usual’ place and watched the resident ducks swim back and forth. 

(taken at the 2nd, and last, park visited today)

After coming home I got sleepy and rather than lying on the sofa to take a nap I went and laid down on my bed, but couldn’t sleep. I then got up and watched TV for a little while, got bore and my son and I took a quick drive to the grocery store to buy a few things. Came home and I watched more TV while he read on this computer. I told him I wanted a turn on the computer and this is the result.


They are not aware said...

A lot of people feel down at this time of year, ironically called SAD (seasonal affective disorder). So, your antidepressants might be working, just not working enough for the time of year. They say it is lack of sunlight that causes it. With MS you need to make sure you get enough Vit. D as it is and Vit. D is what we get from sunlight, one of the things I should say. I hope you keep that in mind before taing larger doses of a med.
What is the matter with the usage of the word "I" when writing about yourself? Seems pretty normal to me. When I talk about myself I use the word "I" quite a bit. Even when I am talking about doing something with someone else I generally start with "I" instead of "we" because "we" needs to be explained anyway. If you would have said "We took a quick drive to the grocery store..." I would have been wondering who the "we" was. But you said " son and I took a quick drive to the grocery store..." and so you used the "I" word anyway. So there.

Todd said...

I actually forgot about the SAD thing. And it hasn't been as sunny for the last couple of weeks. Thank you. And I do need to get more vit B & D; today.

The use of the word "I": Nothing wrong with it per se, was just thinking that it would appear that I was thinking more of myself then others.

Forever Engaged said...

One of my college professors told me I use "I" too much in my writing. I suppose it is possible. I have SAD. It SUCKS.
Anyway, just wanted to say happy belated Winter Solstice and Merry Christmas if you are into that sort of thing. :)

Todd said...

Thank you, F.E. I want to wish you Merry Yule and a Happy Xmas as well.