Saturday, August 29

Unexpected post w pics

I know that I've been slacking about creating a blog post. Honestly, most of my life happenings are on Facebook, myMSteam, or shared privately with people whom I feel would be interested in my daily life anyway. That being said, not much is happening most of the time that warrants writing about, in *my* opinion.

You might be thinking, "So what makes today so fucking different?" In all honesty, really not much except today I got pictures. Most people like pictures, so I'm sharing these. I didn't get very good close-ups because the sun was at my back and I could barely tell how close it would look. I tried zooming, but I could really only see the zoom #'s according to the settings on my phone. Also, in case you didn't already know, if/when you click on a picture, it should enlarge to 640 x something.

This is of the ducks and/or geese over there in the corner.
This is of the tree that was across the waterway from where I was sitting.
 Below is of the fountains that the city put in the middle.

Below is the side of a restaurant that's across from where I was sitting. But the reason I took the picture was because I just like the color.
I was actually trying to get a picture of the waterway in the other direction, but got a picture of what you see.

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