Sunday, June 21

New profile picture

This is my latest profile picture on blogger, gather, twitter, and facebook. Rain (wifey-Pooh :) hand embroidered the jacket over many, many years, gave it to me today for Father's Day and now I get to wear the masterpiece. Woot!

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(clicking enlarges)


Lee said...

What a cool looking shirt! You have such a talented wife!

Rambleman said...

Thanks. Yeah, she's so talented that she actually embroidered that onto a jacket instead of a shirt. *smile*

lovelife said...

O that is so cool I would love to do a dragon for Storm but his jacket is like 40 years old and is like f alling apart

Rambleman said...

My jacket is about 25 years old. Wasn't worn much because she's been working on it for a long time. *grin*