Thursday, April 29

No more fear!

Since watching a video on-line about "Modern Hippies" I've been thinking. Yeah, it does happen. lol. Although I do relate to some extent, I'm not totally on-board with everything. Mostly that has to do with the whole 'save everything' from running out philosophy. Pretty much decided that nothing essential to life (water, food, oil, energy, building materials) is going to run out, ever, unless something so catastrophic happens that it won't be possible to live on earth anymore anyway (never going to happen!). I believe that there will always be enough. It doesn't matter whether it's oil used to make auto fuel or to lube anything else. Same with electricity, trees, etc, etc, etc. Have decided that whoever (whomever?) started that whole, "O!M!G! we're running out of... 'whatever'", was thinking more about getting people to start or keep buying the alleged item that they SAY will soon be or is in short supply, then that it was actually heading for zero supply. Strictly a marketing tactic. People are easier to manipulate if one can make them fear something 'bad' is going to happen if they don't do/believe such and such. Don't get me wrong. I still think it's good to recycle, use things smartly, keep the land and air clean, non violence (love, peace). Still have issues with authority expecting/wishing for everyone to follow arbitrary rules, or the so called experts/pundits assuming everyone is just too stupid to understand unless they explain it so that a 10 year old can 'get it'. Still aggravates me that there is a mentality that in 'polite society' everyone should strive to be like everybody else. That whole 'fear as a tool to manipulate' system, mentality or philosophy has expired for me. NO MORE! NO FEAR!


Peace Out! Rock On! And all That Jazz!


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