Thursday, April 15

Tax day so far

Got the 'caregivers' note from the doctor so that Rain can stay home and help me AND qualify for food-stamps. While at the doctor I asked about Medicare covering eye-doctor care/visit since my vision issue was caused by the MS. He's going to have his nurse check into making me an appointment with an Optometrist and whether or not Medicare will or won't pay or at least help pay.


Got reapplied and reinterviewed for food-stamp qualification per our every 6 month bureaucratic BS. The caseworker was really nice. It just annoys me that we HAVE to do this twice a year even NOTHING changes and hasn't for a couple of years... at least. Had to come home and fax a couple of things the caseworker didn't tell us we needed beforehand, else we would've taken it. Had to resettup the old printer to send said faxes. The new printer doesn't do faxes. Isn't that kind of backward? Anyway, now I'm off to the shower.


REALLY need to mow, but the mower has a flat and I haven't been able to get it pumped-up because it's been that way for a while, sitting in the shed and the rubber and the rim have a gap between them. Therefore it won't even hold air that I pump in. Not really sure how to remedy that situation easily and inexpensively. Ideas and Suggestions very welcome.


Tah tah for now



Tana said...

do the same thing when we fax stuff. I'd love to get rid of the old dinosaur and not have it taking up space, the printer part doesn't work anymore. We don't fax enough to make buying a fax machine worthwhile, yet we fax too much to not have one; we don't have a local pay-per-fax place.
It does seem a bit backward.

Todd said...

I spent a couple of hours trying to figure out how to send a fax w the new printer until I got frustrated enough to look deeper in the directions. The old printer itself works, but it is a Lexmark and ink cartridges are ridiculously high priced. Hence why we switched to a Kodak.

Stuff On My Blog said...

lol @ new printer 'devolution' hehehe. Mine doesn't do fax's either, but it's a laser so I dunno if any of them do. OUCH at Lexmark.. can't blame you for ditching that one!

The FS thing is very annoying.. I had to go through it with my oldest son when he was disabled for a year, they approved him, but the hoops suck!

Lee said...

I never even figured out how to send a fax! My printer supposedly does it but I usually send it from work as I ahve a fax machine there and don't have to worry I'll mess my printer up! LOL