Friday, August 6

CD art

I originally was trying to my a mirror out of the Cd's to use on the porch when the porch light is on. As it is (the lighting situation) the porch light only lights up one side of the house, which isn't the the side where we park the car or come in the house. I wanted to make the reflection-light so the door was easier to see at night, but it didn't work. Need a real mirror. Maybe later. So, I turned it into "art" which I call "CD art". Started using duct tape to hold the Cd's together, but in the end used white glue. Still not sure where or if I'm going to hang this.


In the beginning


Outside on the lawn


And after I was done

(In the kitchen without the flash)




Lee said...

Really pretty! Sorry it didn't work as intended! I was once at a vigil where the CD's were the things that protected your hands when you held your candles and it looked way cool!

Todd said...

Thank you, Lee. Making it did give me a chance to blow off some creative energy, so as they say, "It's All Good!" :-)