Saturday, October 2

Health update, yesterday

Yesterday was our SSD payday, so we got most of our non-food grocery shopping done. We did get some food though because our pantry was lookin' mighty bare. It must have been pay day for a lot of people because the Wally World Super Center was busier than it had been for a while. There were people everywhere. Though I'm still having vertigo issues and needed to use an electric shopping cart, I was still somehow almost invisible to people, downright rude people in my opinion. Usually I follow my wife around, whether it's walking or riding, so I can put things in our baskets. Yesterday however I had to do a lot of parking at the end of isles because she would turn down an isle and before I could turn into it someone would cut in front of me and thus I had to sit and wait for an opening which nobody seemed to give a crap about. It was just weird!

Anyway, after we got home it was too late for me AND Rain to take a nap at the same time. Since she doesn't sleep all that well at night anyway, and I've not gotten used to taking a daily nap, she laid down. After an hour and a half to 2 hours I woke her up, but then it was only a little over an hour before we'd need to go and pick up The Girl from work and do our once a month supper eat out, therefore I chose NOT to take a nap. We chose Pizza Hut, again. We love our pizza! Any hoots, I should have taken a nap. By the time 9 pm rolled around I was exhausted, mostly from being on my feet traipsing back and forth from the washer/dryer area in the kitchen and the bedroom at the other end of the house, to fold and hang clothes while feeling dizzy. Takes a lot of energy to walk and cope with dizziness. The further I walk, the dizzier I get and then my tum-tum gets all queasy and I need to sit/lay down and re-orient myself. We did buy some anti vertigo slash anti nausea medicine yesterday, which I took not long after getting home. Apparently I don't have "motion sickness" vertigo, or it's more than that, because I get dizzier when walking longer/further, but it didn't help. I swear I am NOT whining. The above explanation IS going somewhere. Here it is: A couple of weeks ago I thought I was getting a cold sore so I put some Ora gel on my lip (not recommended) to see if that would ease the feeling of my lip feeling icky. It did, a little, but then my then my entire lower lip and eventually half of my face, including just the gums in/on one side of my mouth started getting all tingly, and is still going on. Ever since "the ora gel incident", the taste buds on half of my tongue are also weirded out. The other night I found a red-hot hard candy. When I sucked on it, only half of my tongue got "hot" from the cinnamon or whatever they put in those things. In the middle of this morning's sleep session I woke-up to go to the bathroom and noticed that my side of the bed, underneath me, was sweat soaked. So now we're wondering if all this time of vertigo and nauseousness, that maybe I've had a fever, virus or something. No, I just thought I was (am?) having an MS related exacerbation, I didn't think it was necessary to take my temperature. Thinking about it now though, maybe that cold sore (which never did become an actual sore) I thought was beginning was actually the start of a virus. (??) I am hoping that if I did have a fever, it broke this morning and I'll start feeling better really, really soon. *fingers crossed* As of right this minute, I actually feel pretty good, though my balance is still horrible and any sudden head movement causes dizziness. Yes, today I will be taking an after noon nap :-)

In other news, the Salon (A Cut 2 Dye 4) where my daughter works has been a little busier the last couple of weeks. It's good that she doesn't live on her own because she's still not making enough money to actually pay any kind of bills (enough to help paying gas money though). Like I said (implied?), she has gotten a few more customers the last 2 weeks, so things are picking-up a little. She didn't have any customers at all yesterday though :-(

If you're still there and not asleep, thank you for reading to this point. Come again real soon, ya hear? LOL

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