Wednesday, September 22

Vertigo, nauseau, tingling, oh boy!

Started with the tingling of half of my face about a week and a half ago. Not technically 'numb' but it feels only tingly. Until I touch my cheek/lips/face with my hand, toothbrush or whatever, it then gets super sensitive, a little painful when shaving. When brushing my teeth, if I happen to press too hard or leave the electric brush in one place too long, even my gums feel over sensitive. A week ago I noticed I was getting dizzy easier than usual (normally it's mainly a balance issue). For the last few days though it's all happening at the same time. If I walk without turning my head side-to-side much, or stop suddenly, the dizziness is manageable. If however I turn quickly, either my head or whole body, it's when I stop quickly the nauseousness kicks in. Bottom line: If I move in slow motion (within reason) I'm okay. Yesterday I was riding the riding-mower in bigger and bigger circles and had to take a break after about 10 minutes because was really, dizzy. Was funny, in a weird, ditsy way. LOL. Anyway, this sort of this usually only lasts a couple of weeks, which we're hoping is true this time as well., *cross fingers* It has been a stressful last month or so. What, with the court date for the judge to tell me he finds for the credit card company. Then driving an extra couple of hours between here and Springfield. Of course there was getting bit about 50 times by either seed ticks or chiggers that introduced a bit of unexpected toxins into my system. Stress, good AND bad, threw me into a mini exacerbation (if there is such a thing). Should be getting better by the end of this week, weekend, or early next week. Therefore I just have to remain positive and believe, "It's all good, baby!" *smile*


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