Friday, September 3

Busy day not done yet

Dropped DD off at work @ 9 AM. Headed for Lebanon, which was 30 miles
in the other direction. Stopped a couple of places for specific things,
then went to the Wal-Mart super-center and got mostly non-food items.
Did get a little bit of food/meat to get us up to Tuesday when our
food-stamp allotment is allocated. Arrived home around 1 PM. Rain laid
down for a nap while I cleaned-up a *huge* amount of the non-blooming
wisteria from my *major* pruning of it yesterday afternoon. Stuffed the
55 gallon burn-barrel full to the top with wisteria vines and branches.
Since we got several inches of rain last night, I didn't burn what I put
in the barrel. Plus by the time I got finished cleaning-up for the day,
it was time to get the girl from work. Picked her up and took her and
the rest of us to Pizza Hut for supper. I definitely ate *way* too much
of my personal pepperoni "Panormous" pizza, as in the whole thing.
Should have stopped after the 3rd of 4 pieces, but didn't and now there
is a major bloated feeling in my belly.

After we got home I emptied and refilled the cat's litter boxes with
fresh litter. Oh, we bought 4 rechargeable AA's for the outside yard
lights and started them charging before we left to pick up said
daughter. After we got home I replaced the dead batteries in the 2 lamps
that needed them and now we're just waiting to see if they are the
correct kind of batteries. All I know is that they were in the area with
the solar lights, so I'm assuming they're good. The old batteries were
"Ni-CD", whereas the new ones are "Ni-Mh". Here's hoping.

Now I am off to the shower. After that I need to start some laundry in
the wash machine. Seems my work is never done. Good thing I like staying
busy most of the time, even if it includes housework as well as outdoor



Lee said...

Sounds super productive. How is Angelica enjoying work?

Todd said...

She's enjoying it, just wishes she would have more than one or two customers a day. This week was better, but still not very busy. It is only her third week and the first two were right before P.S. started then the week right after. It's starting to pick up a little more. Hopefully it'll get busier once she gets known and impresses more people :-)