Thursday, September 16

Some, not much

Haven't been super active today, but have gotten a few things done. For instance, got a load from the clothes dryer all hung up, folded,  & put away. There is a load in the wash machine that I'll be putting into the dryer real soon. Got the bathtub & shower scrubbed clean with Comet. Later I need to vacuum the living room.
Just took my 'body test' (Wii) & according to that system I have the balance and mental acuity of a 23 year old. That's 22 years below my real age.
Also, change template on my blog. I changed it because I changed the font setting on the computer and was trying to make the entire blog page (enlarged print & icons) fit on the  web page without having to scroll to the sides to see it all. Consequently, that didn't happen. Did rearrange the links and pictures though. Let me know what you think. Please?
We got another present for our 15 year old son's birthday tomorrow. We think he'll like it. Got him another present the other day which we know he'll like better than what we bought today. That's cool though!
Really expected Jackie Avancho to win America's Got Talent last night, but the guy who won had a good show too, plus he (IMO) would be able to make a bigger difference sooner with the million dollars than she would've.


Lee said...

I LOVE your new blog format. I had the hardest time with the dark background. Font is nice too. Now I can find your "comments" thing without having to mouse all over the place waiting for the words to lite up! LOL

Todd said...

Glad you like it. Thanks for letting me know.