Tuesday, September 11

Another day

          Woke up this morning to some pounding on the front door. I knew it was the UPS lady delivering a package for me. I had set my phone alarm for 9 a.m. Not because of her specifically, but because the previous 2 days I hadn't gotten out of bed until sometime between 11:30-noon. It had alarmed like it was set to, but I obviously shut it off. Anyway, I did manage to answer the door, though I was just a minute too late. She was driving away. I knew that she would take the package to the front office of the apartment, so I wasn't worried.
          Since I was up though, I turned my computer on then heated up a cup of hot water for my first cup of tea of the day. We knew the water for the entire complex (there's got to be a better word) was going to be off today so that maintenance could install some new, water saving valve, so I used the water from a bottle in the fridge for my tea. I still had to make sure though, so I turned the handle on the kitchen sink; yep, no water. lol.
          I took a piece of mail to the outgoing mailbox on my way to pick up the package. The mailman was either getting ready to put everyone's mail in their proper boxes, or he was done. I couldn't tell because nothing was open. I dropped the outgoing mail in the outbox, said hi, and continued toward the front office with my coffee cup in hand. I was hoping that the coffee maker had been filled with water, and it was. Got my package, carried it over to the tea/coffee maker and proceeded to brew myself a cup of coffee mixed with hot chocolate. Yum! Then I walked back to the apartment, drank my cuppa, opened the package, removed my pill bottle from it, put it in the medicine cabinet, gave Mango the box, and now I'm writing this. But first I read a few emails and a couple of other people's blogs. I even commented. Their blogs inspired me to write something, though until I started I didn't think I had anything to say. lol.
          According to the ITT Tech school page online, the next classes don't begin until September 17, which means I get at least a week off. AWESOME! I am a little unsure of what's going on though, because I got an email early last week to fill out some e-forms for financial aid so that the aid person could set the application to sign mode and have me e-sign them. They wanted me to reply to the email when I filled the forms out when I was done, which I did that day. I haven't heard back though. I don't know if administration personnel also have this week off (I assume they do). I guess I'll find out, eventually, if my classes will resume.
          Yesterday I bought myself a new pair of jeans at a western store and they actually had my size (28" waist, 30" length). Then we went to Goodwill and got a couple of green polo shirts for me cuz I needed some shirts with color other than black, white, pink, and gray. lol. My dear daughter also got a couple of dresses and a pretty shirt. Speaking of DD, I need to go and pick her up from work.

Have a great day!



They are not aware said...

There is a new post!
Looks like you will get that little break you were ready for. That's cool.
I don't think there is a better word for your "complex." I doubt it is much of a "community." Or, are youjust speaking of your building?

Lee said...

What course do you take when school starts again?

Todd said...

A new post is quite the new thing, huh? No, I was thinking that there should be a better word for the area of all the buildings. Complex just sounds so "military-ish" to me, but I guess it's called what it's called. No, it's not a community, as much as the owners/managers would like it to be.

That's the thing, I have no idea what class is next.

Todd said...

Just found out what classes begin on 9-17... "Professional Communications" and "Survey Of Economics".

They are not aware said...


Todd said...

I know. But I only have about 7 more classes to go, including these two, and these are only for 6 weeks. I'll be okay. I hope. In the home stretch, I'm pretty sure. :)