Tuesday, September 18


So yesterday was my son's 17's birthday. Eek! Anyway, for his birthday his sister and I couldn't get him to tell us what he really wanted. Knowing that his passion in life right now is video games, we decided to each get him one. So we took him to Gamestop and let him choose two games. He chose "Super Mario Galaxy 2" and "Rayman Origins" for our WII game system. He's been playing them pretty much nonstop since yesterday. He took potty, food, drink, and sleep breaks though, so he's good. LOL. While he was playing the first one after we got home, his sister, her friend, and I drove to the grocery store and got one already made chocolate cake (see picture), and ingredients for his sister's friend to make another one using a cake mix and special ingredients. Both cakes were and still are delicious! :)

The below is the cake we bought. The candles were purchased separately and added. :)
This is him just prior to blowing out the candles, for the 2nd time. He blew them out before this picture, but I took that picture with the camera on the wrong setting, so I asked him to redo the blowout. As you can see, I still didn't get a great, focused picture, but at least it is a picture. LOL.


Lee said...

Wow! Happy Birthday to Eldin. Somehow it is hard to believe he is 17! Time sure flies. I am glad someone else has to re-do those important pics sometimes! I am legendary for missing shots.

Todd said...

Yep, 17 already! It's hard to believe. It just happened while I wasn't looking somehow :)

They are not aware said...

Weird how that happens--BAM there they are, real people.
I totally spaced doing a cake for Morg's birthday. And himself thought about it but didn't mention it to me because he assumed I had it covered. SO, I made her new favorite pie instead because it would go much faster and it was about 10pm when the pie was finally cool enough; it would have been after midnight if I had done the cake. I felt so bad spacing it; I was too focused on the other things I guess.

Todd said...

Good to hear Morg got that special pie.

I actually spaced out about Eldin's cake until Angelica said that we needed to get one. Then Aleshia offered to make one as well, so he got 2 cakes! :-) Aleshia says, "Hi", by the way.