Wednesday, February 20

Dentist appointment

          Had a dentist appointment today at Dental Smiles, in fact I've only been home for about 60 minutes. As guessed, it's going to take many, many appointments over time to get everything done. Lots of cavities. Plus I'll eventually need 2 root canals. Those will be future expenses because each one would be approximately $800. But we're going to do a little bit at a time because I don't have dental insurance. Everything is out of pocket. Tomorrow I have another appointment, but tomorrow I'm just getting my teeth cleaned, for $146. Then until a family member sends money or I get approved for the CareCredit option, it'll be a little while before doing anything else.But at least it has begun.


They are not aware said...

Good to see the posts again.
I am doing a little celebratory dance. What a drag on the costs. My eyes came way first. I now can try to figure out how to get my teeth taken care of. It was a total of over $8000 before they were as badly degraded. I thought all my fillings had already fallen out until the night before last when I laid down and discovered a hunk of something in my mouth; I didn't have glasses on or enough light so I set it on the table next to the bed and and looked at it the next morning--a mercury filling. Another one bites the dust.

Todd said...

I guess it's a good thing that you have no more fillings then, especially the mercury ones.

You actually get a lot of the credit for me posting, because *you* made me feel that other people besides my kids even cared whether I ever did or not. Yeah, people alluded to caring, but when good/long time friends say it it means so much more. So, thank YOU, yes, YOU!

They are not aware said...

Well I will take some of the credit but it really was you. And people really DO care if you are there.
I would say "My work here is done" but since we have had an on-going relationship for over a decade, I sure hope I am not done yet.
Oh, and I had already thought all the fillings were gone when that one made an appearance, and to think about it I could still have some in an upper molar or two. I hope not. My teeth are in such bad shape now there is no hope for them but the damn things refuse to fall out on their own, they need cut out because the roots are wrapped around the jaw bone. Some are nothing but stubs coming out of my gums and others look like the ruins of some Gothic cathedral.
But hey! I am no longer concerned about my eyes blowing up and going blind.