Sunday, February 17

No time for a temperature

          I didn't sleep very well this morning because I kept waking up every couple of hours to pee. Yeah, probably a TMI statement, but now you know. Anyway, when I did get up in two hour intervals this morning, I noticed each time that I was apparently sweating while I slept, which in and of itself is not all that unusual. Anyway, ever since Friday morning, I have just felt tired. I haven't really slowed down though, mostly because I don't feel I should not do things just because I don't feel well. Besides, I have MS, so it's not like I feel all that great normally. However, I did take my temperature a little over an hour ago and it read 100.3. Yesterday I didn't have a fever when I checked it. I had one of exactly 100.0 on Friday, but figured that since something (probably those two thick cookies with frosting I had around 3:30 AM on Friday morning that possibly gave me the dry heaves after I went to bed on Fri. morning.) We think it was either those or mayonnaise that I had on my sandwich before I went out Thursday evening, don't really think it was the mayo because I had that around 6 PM Thursday evening. Then again, I really have no idea how long the reaction time for bad mayo would be. Not to mention that my chest has felt congested since Fri. morning as well. Anyway, been cold off and on all day. I'm no doctor, but I'm guessing that sitting in the hot tub for 15 minutes most likely wasn't a good thing to do with a temp of 100.3, but I was cold and it felt really good.;-p
          That's all I've got, for now, because I have a headache but have not taken any pain relievers because I don't want my temp to go down too soon. A body gives you one for a reason, to help heal you, so I'm just keeping an I on it and drinking water. I might make some peppermint tea though.

Thanks for reading till the end.

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Lee said...

Take care of yourself Todd. Sounds a lot like what my littles have!

Todd said...

Thanks, Lee. I'm actually feeling better today. I think my fever must've broken overnight, which is good because when I took Angelica to work my fever was 101.0 and I felt like death warmed over.