Friday, February 7

Heat and The Move

          I really don't know exactly what to write. I'm doing pretty well today. A friend of mine here in Burnet reminded me about using the ceiling fans to keep the warm air from the heaters off the ceilings and flowing around the room. Of course I knew that, but a few weeks ago I guess I was just feeling cold, and with the fan on, any air hitting me at all made me feel even colder. So for the last couple of weeks there hasn't been a ceiling fan on. However, after being talked to about it last evening, I figured that I might as well try again. So I turned on the living room fan, made sure it was spinning in the direction that would cause the warm air that has risen, to come down to room level. Decided that since the living room seemed to be stabilized and the temperature was staying pretty consistent, that I would leave it on. Then when I went to bed last night, I turned on the bedroom's ceiling fan. Seemed to stay warmer overnight than it had been. So in hindsight I should've turned them on a couple of weeks earlier. Like I said, I should've known that having them on worked, because we used them in Missouri too, and seemed to stay fairly warm. I just thought that because the house in MO was so much better insulated since it was known to be very cold there, that the fans worked better. However, though this house doesn't seem to hold heat very long, it's doing better with the ceiling fan in the living room and the one in the bedroom remaining on. D'OH! I also just assumed the we had better heaters in MO, but the ones we have here seem to be working better with the fans on. 
          In a pinch one can use the oven to heat the kitchen and then have a fan to send that warm/hot air into others rooms, like the living room for instance. It's been determined, after a photo I posted to Facebook showing how fast the oven loses heat with the door cracked (couple hundred degrees in 10 minutes), that more than likely the oven needs to have the thermostat replaced. So I'll call the landlord and ask him to send a maintenance person to check it out. Hopefully the cold weather won't stay around too much longer, even though we're in Texas, February is said to be one of the colder months. I'm hoping not, but.. Whether it is or not, the oven should still work correctly.
         We didn't have a refrigerator for a few weeks, so we used a cooler and just replaced the ice every couple of days. Well, that got old and we got a little financial help from a relative, so I ordered us a mini fridge-freezer online from Wal*Mart that's been pretty good for us. Because the freezer is tiny though, there's only room for a small ice tray that came with the fridge-freezer and a coulple of 1 pound chubs of hamburger. I want to get a full-size fridge with a full-size freezer so that I can buy other kinds of frozen food. Food like steaks, pork chops, packages of frozen hamburgers, and maybe some of those evil, frozen, microwavable corndogs.
          Anyway, we're settling in pretty well into a much smaller town (6000) than we were in in Austin, TX (850,000+). I think the slower lifestyle and people that waive from there cars, or walking, and also saying "hi" in stores, is good for me. Not only are small town people friendlier than the city people in Austin, but there are so fewer, that the energy is also less, which is doing me good.
           The only things I miss from Austin is my daughter, her boyfriend, his parents, and one other friend. But they're only an hour's drive away, so I can visit often. So it's all good. The move has been good for me, me thinks.
           That's all I've got for now. Rather it's all I can think of to write at the moment. I said I would write, and now I have. I'll try and be more talkative now that we've pretty much settled in.

Take care.

Todd out!


Anonymous said...

Todd there should be a switch on the fans that reverse the direction in the winter have it circulating the air up and around so it doesn't blow right on you but still keeps the air moving down in the summer for more cooling effect.

They are not aware said...

I didn't understand the wording of the other comment but I know what he was saying.
There is a reverse switch on the fan. In the winter the fan should blow upward toward the ceiling. It blows the heat off the ceiling without blowing directly on people. In the summer the fan should be blowing down toward the floor. This cools much better.
I hate the fan blowing on me in winter.

Todd said...

I thought it was the other way around. I thought in the winter you wanted the fan blowing down to push the warm air down towards the floor since heat rises. Then in the summer you wanted it pulling the cold air up since cold air sinks.

Todd said...

Okay. I just 'Googled' on which direction the fan should spin in the Winter/Summer. You two are correct. Well, now I know. Thank you for straightening me out.

Forever Engaged said...

If you imagine punctuation in the first comment it makes much more sense. I got what they meant. Also, opening the curtains to allow sunlight in and closing them at night to block drafts (and creepy peeping toms) also helps up here. I was kidding about peeping toms. Well, except for that one time. Anyway, so glad you are doing well and happy with the move! It's nice to see you writing again!

Todd said...

The only problem with opening the front window's curtain is that it's really only a shower curtain on the 3 hooks (that need new screws) that a rod sat on. The last lady who lived here took the curtain rod and curtain, so I just threw something we had up there, which happened to be a shower curtain that wasn't all plastic. lol. actually I think it may be a curtain liner that looks like a tiger or leopard skin design. *shrug* But I want to get a real curtain and rod so I can just slide the curtain open, rather than unhooking it. Ya know?

Thanks for the info. on punctuation! :)

Glad that you think it's good that I'm writing again. Me too!:)