Friday, March 14

Flower Garden - in the beginning

I was going to wait to post pictures of my first attempt at starting my flower garden until I had seeds in the planters. Unfortunately, when trying to set the packet of seeds up on the step to get a picture of it as well as what you see to the right, the packet slid through the crack between two boards of the step and there is no way I'm going to go through the hassle of taking a board off the top of the step to get said packet that only cost 20 cents. I'd have to take the screws out, then pry one of the boards up (that's also being held down with nails along with screws) to get to the seeds. Not worth the work. I can't even remember what the name of the seeds were/are that are inaccessible. That's how important they are to me. Anyway, a friend on Facebook is going to send me some other flower seeds once she gets the SASE that's waiting for the mail person to take out of my mailbox. Sure, I could just run to the grocery store that probably has seed packets on the cheap, but I'm in no hurry.
These are the newly filled with potting soil containers that are waiting to be prepped by being impregnated with seeds. According to the instructions, they need to have water added to moisten the soil before putting the seeds in.
And this is the same containers as you see above, only these have been moistened. They are now waiting for the seeds. Of course I'll hydrate them again before I add the seeds. This is what I was going to wait until the seeds were in before posting, but they'll look the same once the seeds are in them, so I'm posting pictures now. Lucky you!
          In other news... I went to bed around 7:30 AM on Thursday morning, but was only able to sleep until about 1:30 PM. I ended up staying up for the rest of the day, only napping for an unscheduled amount of time while watching a basketball game. I decided to skip taking my daily/morning meds, which included an anti fatigue 200 Mg tablet of Modafinil (generic Provigil) so that I would be more tired than usual at bedtime, to see if taking the anti fatigue medicine at bedtime and hopefully sleeping all night and waking up and having more energy, would be possible. I don't think I should've taken the entire tablet, as I was only able to sleep a couple of hours. Staying awake all morning, then all day today (Fri.), and will only take half of the Modafinil tonight at bedtime. Hopefully I'll sleep longer, then I'll take the other half on Saturday morning when I get up, providing I sleep more than a couple/few hours of course. If I end up staying awake all morning/night, I'll try to stay awake all day Saturday, go and get some Melatonin to take before bed WITH half a tablet of Modafinil and hopefully sleeping several hours on Sunday morning. Then take the 2nd half Sunday morning. If taking a sleep aid and half of an anti fatigue pill doesn't work, then I'll just take Melatonin before bed on Sunday night, and take the whole 200 Mg tablet of Modafinil on Monday to hopefully energize me for the rest of the day. If the Melatonin causes drowsiness on Tuesday morning, then I'll discontinue the Melatonin and go back to taking just the full dose of Modafinil on Wednesday morning. Now, thinking about the taking of Melatonin with a half dose of the Modafinil, I'm thinking of not doing that and just skipping straight to the Melatonin at bedtime Saturday night and the full dose of the anti fatigue medicine on Sunday morning. If I have a "Melatonin hangover" on Monday morning, I'll go back to just the Modafinil on Tuesday after I wake up.


They are not aware said...

I have never heard of a melatonin hangover, I thought those only happened with non-natural sleep aids. Interesting.
Good luck getting it all worked out; hopefully you will find the right doses.
And good luck with your flower too.

Todd said...

I had never heard of a 'melatonin hangover' either, until I read about it. But in the past I've had that with other OTC sleep aids, so I imagine it might be an issue for me. Haven't tried it yet though. If I can force myself to stay up for at least 15 hours, then I don't have too much trouble getting to sleep... usually. I've started taking my anti-depressants and vitamins at bedtime, and my anti-fatigue pill a couple of hours before getting out of bed to stay in the morning, so the kick in time doesn't make me sleepy while waiting. That didn't happen this morning though, because I was just so damn warm and comfortable.