Tuesday, June 9

Random pictures

Haven't blogged for awhile, but I have taken a few pictures that I figure I can share. and it's kind of a celebration of sorts because this is being done on  he other computer that I just got set up a few days ago

This is the back yard. As you can see, it really needs a good mowing. We now have a lawn mower, so it's being worked on (the yard is).

 was sitting outside just chillin on the front porch when I saw this bird, so I took a picture. Not until after coming in to get my camera though.

If it's not obvious, this is our humming bird feeder.


Lee said...

Even though your yard needs mowing I love the picture of it! It looks so tranquil.

Lawn Mower Wizard said...

I agree (and that's odd coming from me!) you've got a lovely natural looking space there.

Todd said...

Thank you, Lee and Wizard. It does look nice in the picture, so maybe it's better here than I want to admit. lol

Anonymous said...

Todd - I am new to this blogging thing, so hope it comes out right. I live in an apartment right now in NC, my home is in Augusta, GA, and is rented out as I am working in Fayetteville, NC. I am lucky in both places - no lawn to mow!! : ) It used to be one of my jobs when I was a youngster growing up on Long Island, NY - mowing the grass. Since I moved south - never have had to do it - 1st my ex and then my son did it. I was blessed. Hope this finds you well. Peace : ) FaithE

Todd said...

I wish we didn't need to mow, Anonymous, but then it would just be dusty all the time. I've thought about spreading weed-killer though, just not sure the landlord would approve. lol. We have 99.9% weeds.