Thursday, October 1

From bottles to glasses

watbot2009What you see here is just one of the 10-ish ex Gatorade bottles, filled with water, that we keep in the fridge to get cold. That way when we feel the need to add to our water intake we can just grab a cold one and drink it. We usually grab one before heading out to the car to run errands as well. I wrote all that just so you'd know that when I say, “I’ve decided to return to ‘the old ways’  and fill a glass with tap water when I get thirsty instead of grabbing a bottle of water”, you’ll know the kind of bottle I speak of. If we didn’t have well water, we’d probably filter the city/town water and just keep a pitcher of it in the fridge, but alas, that’s not the case. *grin* There are a couple of reasons for *my* switch. Uno: Kind of tired of seeing empties build-up on the counter before someone fills and returns them to the fridge, Dos: Feel the need to get more ‘sophisticated’. For some reason I’ve just felt that the bottles feel too uncultured (for lack of a better word) to me. I know, I cannot explain :)

Now back to email, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, etc. I’ve been thinking about writing a blog for a few days, and finally decided on what to write about.

My ‘done list’: Dishes washed and put in the thingy to dry, litter boxes cleaned/de-clumped, game of Wii Golf played, kitchen sink washed.

Am thinking about putting in a spray hose on the kitchen sink. I know we have the hose, sprayer, and other plastic hardware that’s been in the attic for at least 9 years, so it would give me another project.



Lee said...

We have water bottles to grab and go in the summer (which we also wash and refill) but now that the weather is cold (45 degrees) a glass from the tap does fine!

Anonymous said...

45 is cold. *brr* Also, that's why there is ice in the fridge's ice maker. I get the point tho :)