Thursday, October 29

To-From Lebanon MO

Normally I forget to bring the camera anywhere we’re going the car. However, today I finally did. lol. The below are the photos and whatnot. Clicking, I believe, will enlarge the picture you click on :)

Thought this was beautiful. What can I say, I like sky scenes.


A few of the buildings have had murals painting on the sides, I guess in an effort of spruce-up the scenery.

tolebanon102909 (1)

This is our destination for DD just about every morning.
tolebanon102909 (3)


Heading into Lebanon via the main street.

tolebanon102909 (4)

I took this hoping to show what the weather is like yet again… RAIN.

tolebanon102909 (5)

This is “the dip” that can either flood, or become a tricky trek during ice storms or after.


Lee said...

Cool pics! How is Angelica liking cosmetology school?

. said...

She's loving it. The people, the cosmetology stuff, everything. She's the youngest student and picks stuff up faster than most of the new students. Today they threw her a surprise birthday party. Got her eyebrows waxed and her hair styled even. She's blossoming right before our eyes. *tear of joy*

Stuff On My Blog said...

That first pic is spectacular Todd.. I love sky scenes as well.

. said...


bathmate said...
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