Friday, December 11

Bucket-headed dog n stuff

Annabelle w bucket on headThis is Annabelle with her medicinal bucket over her head. See, when we got her about a month ago, she had been spayed just a day or two before we found her at the shelter. We've been hoping the scar on her tummy would heal by itself by now. It must really itch, because even after putting ointment on it daily and nightly, it hasn't because she licks it off almost immediately. Last night we decided that if it's ever going to heal then she needs to stop licking it, so I made the bucket in the picture for her to wear until the scar heals. She doesn't really like being a bucket head, but has adapted pretty well just since last night.


Winterized doorYesterday we got 4 of the last 5 windows sealed with clear plastic to help keep the winter air from coming in so easily. The last window is actually 2 that are side-by-side in the plant/break room on the north side of the house. We'll be putting thick/clear shower curtain plastic over those within the next day or two. Also yesterday, I put a foam-backed curtain over the bathroom window where the sun shines directly in either blinding you or trying to cook you when you're on the potty during the day. Today I put up another curtain, this time over the plant/break room metal door. Used Velcro and staples to hold it in place so that we can easily let the dog in and out. Speaking of Velcro, if we're here next year, I'm going to use it to put the heavy, clear shower curtains/winter plastic over the windows so that when winter is over we can just pull the curtains off. Then it'll be quicker and easier to winterize the windows.


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Lee said...

velcro is such a GREAT idea! I am going to remember that one!

Todd said...

Wish I would've thought of it sooner. *grin*