Monday, December 14

Good Monday

Had a decent day. Got some Presents purchased, so we're all ready for the big day of Yule to open them. Plus we'll be have goodies such as cookies that day as well. Got the trash burned outside, couple loads of laundry washed, dried, and put away. Hung a fan above the break room door. Also took the full bag of aluminum to the shed and out put a new one in the barrel. That was our day. Now just waiting for the Monday night television line-up to come on (Two and a Half Men) and hoping I can get a free video and audio stream on-line of the last Monday Night Football game of the season. Almost forgot... got the Holiday Cards written and signed for family and friends to go out tomorrow! Woot!


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Lee said...

I still have to do cards! Eeeep!

Todd said...

Got ours put out in the mail box this morning. Woo-Hoo! We're on top of 'it' this year. *smile*