Tuesday, December 1

Ex Chicken tractor, yard mown, new compost bin

As I told you a couple of days ago, prior to building the raised bed for Rain, I had to get a couple of Two by Fours off the ex chicken tractor. The below picture is what it now looks like completely demolished. May or may not find uses for the scrap Two by Fours, but what I don't re-use will either be burned or just tossed in the "brush" pile.


chkntrktr first view


This is just another angle of what's above :)
ex chicken tractor in demolished mode
(clicking enlarges)


This is one of the reason I took the chicken tractor apart today, besides giving the front and back yard the last mow of the season :)
Freshly mown ex chicken yard
(2 enlarge - just click it!)


A while back I said I was going to build a compost bin. The below pics are of it and of course a cat :)
compost bin view one

2nd view of the compost bin, plus 1 of our cats - Moon
(click to enlarge a little bit)


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Lee said...

Classy compost bin! You've been busy lately!

Todd said...

So busy as a matter of fact that I'm being really terrible at reading other people's blogs, and feel a *little* guilty about that :-(

Stuff On My Blog said...

Nice recycling! Real life calls sometimes... blogs aren't going anywhere ;)

Anna said...

What happened to your chicken tractor? I followed the link but couldn't quite figure out why it had been vacant.

We've discovered that between using a chicken tractor and automatic chicken waterer, chickens are painless, smell-less, and fun. That's why I ask --- most folks who give up on chickens have traditional coops.

Todd said...

It had been vacant because about a year ago (perhaps more), we gave our chickens away because as egg layers they sucked. 20 chickens = maybe one egg every other day or so. Plus we just got tired of dealing with them (ie cleaning the poop off the porch). Plus we tired of *having* to be home before dark to close they're coop so that raccoons and opossums wouldn't eat them. Basically got tired of homesteading.