Monday, November 30

UPDATE: Re: Rural Centurytel/Centurylink DSL

* Just wanted to let everyone know that it *wasn't* a change in service. Rather some number at the connection box settings got changed. He put it back to the correct number and we are now about 1.2 Mbps like we were. Thanks for caring. LOL

The phone/internet repairman came to see why our DSL was slower than what we're paying for (1.5 Mbps) and said that the phone company may have done an audit and decided we're too far out for 1.5 Mbps so they changed the settings down. Huh? I told him several times that we've BEEN getting close to 1.5 for over 2 years. That it only slowed down the last week or so. Also told him that the Centurytel/link phone tech said we were set for 1.5 and should be getting a minimum of 1.1. I just don't understand why Centurylink/Centurytel would suddenly determine that we're "too far out". Makes no sense to me :-( Plus it would just be wrong to charge us for 1.5 but only set us up for 512 Kbps, don't you think?

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