Monday, November 2

Birds and Wasps

Late last month we just happened to be on the porch looking towards the wooded area behind our house when we saw what *looked* like absolutely HUGE birds. We thought they were crows at first, but they were just too big. Then considered that maybe they we vultures, but Rain saw one fly up to a higher branch – didn’t look like vulture wing flapping. We think they could’ve been Ravens. I took the best pics I could. Unfortunately I didn’t get the one shot of one of them spreading it’s wings like it was stretching. I’ve Paintshopped in some arrows to make them easier to find (as if they were. lol). After those, there’s a pic of a hummingbird feeder that had been attracting more and more wasps looking to fill up for the winter. The humming birds ‘flew the nest’ a long time ago. Today I housed off the feeder and water logged as many nests as I could find, and proceeded to take their gallering place away. Hopefully they take the hint and move on.

mayberavens-5 mayberavens-1 mayberavens-2 mayberavens-3 mayberavens-4




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