Saturday, November 28

DIY raised bed frame

Got yet another busy day under my belt. Well, suspenders. *grin* No, I'm not wearing suspenders just because we live out in the boonies on a homestead. Just get tired of a belt sometimes. Although it took me two days, off and on, the bed frame to raise the bed by 18 inches is complete. Most of that time was having to take 2 by 4s off the ex chicken tractor. It's been vacant for a couple of years now, so I figured that the 2 by fours should have some purpose. This whole "make the bed higher" idea of how to do it came to me one day this week when I was looking out the window and seen the big round pole in the yard that got partially knocked over by our hay bailer when I backed his bailer into it. That was just one of the two in the front yard, so I cut each of them into 3 18 inch tall round things, connected them in a square with 2 by fours and screws, and put the bed frame, box spring, and mattress on it. Voila! A raised bed like Rain has wanted, like, forever! Going to be weird getting in and out of bed now that when sitting on said bed our feet don't reach the floor. She really would've liked it even taller so that you needed a few steps to get up to it, but our bedroom just isn't big enough. Ah well, it's going to be different anyway. *smile*


Plus I got the CenturyLink people called. They're going to send a DSL repairman out on Monday to make it so our connection speed is 1.5 mbps, as opposed to 608 kbps that it's been for a few days now :-(

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